New Beginnings

October 1, 2019

Well, here I am.  I've been sitting on this project, mulling over this project, procrastinating on this project, and dreaming about this project for two years now.  TWO YEARS!  But, today is the day that I am getting off my derrière and get this ol' blog up and running.  You're welcome.


I had a blog several years ago, and really enjoyed the satisfaction of my work, but I ended up burning out, getting overly committed with other things, and could just not handle one more thing on my plate at that time.  When my hubs and I bought our first house two years ago, I decided to start a new blog that focused on other things than food.  I wanted to incorporate house projects, decorating, gardening, home-making!  Then the reality of being a home-owner set in.  Being a homeowner is a LOT of work (duh).  And it's expensive (duh).  And, since we purchased an older home, there has been a lot of unexpected repairs that have popped up, and made my little fantasy of spending all our hard-earned money on decorating (just kidding, honey), a little more, well, limited.  

Anyhoo, I hope that you are ready for one more blogger talking about stuff you may or may not be interested in, but hopefully you'll find at least some of my blabbering interesting!  I have so many ideas swirling in my head, and so many projects that I want to do and share, and have no idea where to begin, so you're going to be just as surprised as I am when I post the first one.  For now, welcome to my home!




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